Our Shetlands

Our small flock of Shetlands came to Spruce Haven Farm in 2012, along with their Maremma guardian dog Bonnie. They are a (quite) small Heritage Breed, initially established in Canada by Colonel G.D. Dailley in 1980. We are fortunate to have a wide range of colours within the flock. The wool fleeces are small, fine to medium fine, and of good hand.

Some of the fleeces are processed into roving, and some into lopi style yarn, or blended with mohair into sock yarn, from which I knit Shetland Sport Socks. The fleeces are processed by Wellington Fibres, a short drive from the farm and home to not only their wool mill, but to the herd of mohair goats whose fibre is blended with ours for sock yarn. Please enjoy this sampling of photos of the Shetland Flock, taken at various times of the year.